Floor Register Trap is an innovative line of DIY floor register traps that finally provide a solution to the longtime problem of household items, jewelry, dust, dirt, pet hair and debris that fall through floor registers. 

The Floor Register Trap works in conjunction with existing floor registers and is designed to fit securely around the base of the floor register. Easily installed in seconds, the Floor Register Trap doesn’t inhibit airflow and can be cleaned in seconds. 

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Tyffyn’s stainless steel, leak-proof containers nestle atop one another in a designer metal body that uses VacuTherm technology to keep food warm or cold for up to five hours. Removable partitions mean you can carry up to six courses in one Tyffyn. No more fattening fast food and expensive meals out and no more leaky plastic containers in landfills. Tyffyns are available in two sizes with three different-sized inner containers (300 mL, 400 mL and 600 mL), and a wide range of colors and patterns. They all have a 1 year warranty.
Drynk is the beverage tumbler that takes flexibility to new heights. Inside the slim, stainless steel body, vacuum technology keeps coffee hot for up to 12 hours and water or soda cold for as long as 18 hours. The bottom features a built-in anti-slip coaster but that’s not all. Each comes with two interchangeable lids. The Sipper boasts a magnetic latch that keeps the lid open as you drink — no more bumps on your nose. The Gulper is a wide-mouth design, perfect for guzzling down sports drinks or for pouring into the twin cups — also included with each Drynk.

Pops up to 26 cups (2 large bowls for the whole family) in under 2 ½ minutes – outperforms microwaves and other devices by more than 50%, with virtually no unpopped kernels.

Liberates you from more expensive microwave bags but utilizing hot air for a low calorie treat of puffier popcorn, yet free of saturated fats, artificial flavors, unneeded salt and preservatives.

New improved to work with the widest variety of regular and gourmet popcorn types to yield the purest popcorn.

Includes a see-through chute for that traditional movie-theatre taste and experience, and a removable butter cup that automatically melts the butter for that ultimate savory popcorn treat.

Certified to North American electric standards, simple to clean, with auto sleep technology for the best and safest popcorn making experience.



ONE13, our organic CBD oil, is the relief solution that will fit perfectly into your dynamic lifestyle. With a myriad of cbd topicals and cannabidiol products available, we are committed to offering you the very best CBD oil.

Our patented product provides:

ONE13 does not contain any added ingredients that fool you into feeling false or superficial relief.

ONE13 works quickly, so you have less down time and more time doing the things you love.

Our proprietary blend allows for a longer duration of activity, so you can continue living your active lifestyle with confidence.




  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Microwave Safe
  • 100% Silicon
  • Endlessly reusable
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures (you can boil it!)

The GoSili To-Go Cup is the only microwave and dishwasher safe 100% silicone reusable to-go cup that can hold its shape. With 100 billion disposable cups going into landfills each year, the GoSili Cup offers a better solution for on the go cups creating a cultural shift away from the overuse of unsustainable and toxic single use plastics. Made from high-grade silicone, the stylish 16oz. GoSili To-Go Cup features an embedded stainless steel ring to prevent the cup’s lip from collapsing, while also being Microwave Safe (a unique patented feature). An extra thick base and walls help make the cup extremely durable and a raised texture is featured for added grip. The cup is safe and free of any toxins and can be boiled to sterilize. Seriously the best all silicone cup on the market that’s made to last. Perfect for all beverages hot or cold! Time to GoSili!  You can find goSili at Target stores or online at target.com!

48 pages

Stylish design with spiral-bound finish

  • Personalized journals make a wonderful gift
  • Lots of designs to choose from
  • Create a timeless keepsake
  • A5 size (8.26in. x 5.82in.)
  • Encourage the dreamers to dream, the creators to create and the writers to write with a personalized Journal from Stuck On You.

Stylish, contemporary designs will feature the recipient’s name on the cover and every page.

This journal is a timeless keepsake, and makes a wonderful gift. It’s ideal for keeping boredom at bay on long car trips, or to record memories of a family holiday.

The compact size will fit easily into a backpack, and all 48 pages are fully lined.

Our clever website means you can enter your text, choose your favorite design and then select “Preview” to see how your finished product will look. Place an order and our team will start creating your Journal straight away, ready to be delivered direct to your door.






Each box is curated with love by The Spice Madam team!

We carefully research & then test out the recipes to:

1. Ensure that we highlight the best of each destination’s flavors

2. Provide you the best options for you to re-create the recipes at home

3. To truly give you the best culinary adventure and experience!

You will receive 3-4 packets of spices with enough spice to make the dishes for 4-6 people in the included recipes. Our recipes include vegetarian & gluten-free options to fit any diet or preference.

Truly a culinary adventure — play the music to set the mood while you cook, make unique recipes, learn fun cultural facts & enjoy the spices of the world!



A small circle. Mighty friends.

Named and inspired by our two children, Lucas and Bella, who are cautiously navigating our complicated world of right and wrong, and learning ways to make it better. The bracelet was made to serve as a reminder for them to tap into their inner strength, and to believe that somewhere out there they have a “pack” to rely on.

There are several aspects of the bracelets, chosen for their specific symbolism:

The silver heart – because you’re loved and in turn you share your love

An animal bead – we specifically focus on animals with strong bonds to signify we are all a part of a bigger picture, stronger together.

Red bead – symbolizing strength and protection

We hope that if you choose to wear a Luc and Bell bracelet, you find your own true meaning behind the symbols, and you’re reminded that you are strong, kind and you’re not alone…

Due to small parts not intended for kids under 12.

Waterproof. Animal beads may darken with wear. May stretch a little if taken on and off often.

A portion of the sales from each bracelet will be donated to help children in need.

All bracelets are made with love in San Diego




Unisex Lightweight Tee

The “Lightweights” are my double and tri-blended tees. Not a snug fit–not a relaxed fit — just a comfortable fit. Heathered fabric gives this tee it’s puppy soft texture and a slightly lighter weight. All Teddy tees are tagless and expertly printed on-site at our doghouse outside of Boston, MA.

The Motif Twist Breast Pump is ideal for moms looking for portable convenience. Use the Twist in your home or on the go with the option to use the battery power or the power cord. Twist the knob to select different suction and massage settings and use the blue LED light timer to track pumping sessions. The Twist allows moms to customize their pumping experience to best fit their unique situation.

Features and Benefits
Closed system prevents back-flow
Use 4-AA batteries to power the pump
Bottles are BPA-free!
Supports double or single pumping
Soft Silicone Breastshield Inserts provide added comfort
Flexible tubing for convenient pumping
Blue LED light timer

1 – Motif Twist Breast Pump
2 – Breast Shields (24mm)
2 – Massage inserts (24mm)
2 – Breastshield Covers (to keep out dust and dirt when not in use)
2 – 180mL Breast milk containers
2 – Low Flow Nipples
2 – Valves
2 – Membranes
1 – Tubing
2 – Connectors
2 – Diaphragms
1 – AC adapter


Motif Maylilly “Silklilly” Double Bottle Warmer
The Motif Silklilly is a powerhouse appliance that not only warms milk, but can also be used to heat food and sterilize bottles. Simply choose the setting needed on the dial, then forget about it while you get back to the many tasks that come with being a mother. The warmer will automatically shut-off when the cycle is finished to ensure that the milk or food won’t burn your little one. To add further flexibility, the Silklilly operates as either a double or single warmer.

Convenient 3-in-1 system warms milk, heats food, and sterilizes bottles and accessories
Holds up to 2 bottles and operates as either a single or double warmer
Automatic shut-off so no supervision needed
Slow warming prevents the breakdown of important nutrients
1 – bottle warmer base with lid


Before every new moon, you’ll receive your Lunarly. Inside, you’ll find everything you need to set your intentions and grow, like specially-curated plants, wellness products, tools for mindfulness, and more.

You’ll learn about intention setting, a way to practice mindful living. Integrate practices like journaling and meditation into your day-to-day. We’ll send you everything you need to get started.

Your new, beautiful plant comes with an easy guide on how to keep it thriving. With your new Lunarly subscription, you’ll not only learn how to grow plants – but yourself, as well.

And of course, learn how to use the moon phases to make those intentions a part of your every day. During each new moon, enjoy the products hand picked with your self-care goals in mind.



Compression socks and calf sleeves are designed to provide immediate and long lasting relief while helping your body to naturally heal by boosting circulation and muscle support.

Medical grade graduated compression (18-22 mm Hg)
Cooling, breathable and moisture wicking fabric
Never wrinkle or slip design with comfort-stay-put-top
Durable, soft and easy to put on
pH balanced to your skin and naturally anti-microbial



Protect your home with The Vivitar Smart security Wi-Fi Cam. Record clear images during day or night with full HD 1080p resolution. Easily connects to your smart phone or tablet to view your home from anywhere.
Vivitar Capture Cam:
Records videos in full HD 1080p resolution
Rotating swivel head allows for precise positioning
Motion detection and event notification
Two-way audio intercom (hear and listen)
View your home, dorm room, office and more



Have direct control of your appliances with Vivitar’s Smart plug. Simply plug into a power socket and pair over Wi-Fi. Turn lights and appliances on and off from anywhere with the available iOS and Android app. Set it and forget it! Schedule your sensors once and they’ll remember your routine until you change your mind, even schedule your sensors for when you’re away from home! Also available is a built-in smart sensor for temperature actions! Never worry about forgetting to turn your lights and appliances off again, with Vivitar’s smart plug!



The Vivitar 450 Lumen/40 Watt multi-colored LED bulb is ideal for your home. The delicate display of multi-colored lights can set the scene! Whether a party or a candlelit dinner, this LED bulb is sure to set the perfect ambience. Control the LED bulb straight from your smartphone from anywhere with a single click using the Vivitar Smart Home Security App. IOS, Android, Alexa, Google Home & IFTT/Nest compatible.