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As an adult, you’ve got to look after yourself. Most of that is keeping to your doctor’s appointments and checkups, getting enough sleep at night, making time for hobbies, doing a bit of exercise about three times a week, and keeping in touch with friends and family to keep you in a good mood with a strong support circle around you. But the other half of taking care of yourself is all to do with your diet – what you’re eating on a regular basis, how varied it is, and the portions you limit yourself to.

And whilst you can’t change your diet overnight, if it needs a bit of work, you can find new and tasty ways to use the ingredients at your disposal.

You need some good recipes on your side to make sure that you’re always doing the best in your kitchen. After all, a bit of toast and ready meals for every other dinner gets very tiring, and you deserve so much better! So let’s try and bulk out your cooking skill a little, and hand off a few of the best recipes you ought to know as an adult. Hey, why not print them off and start cultivating your own little cookery book?

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Know How to Whip Up Chili

Chili is a wonderful meal to eat in winter, and it’s very versatile in its uses: you can eat it alone on a Saturday night, use it for a family dinner, or bring some along to a potluck if you’re trying to impress. A good chili can really work for every occasion, so it only makes sense that you learn how to make some!

Chili is often cooked in a slow cooker, meaning you can get it all ready in the morning and have it done for you in time for dinner. And you can always throw a bit of chocolate in there as well if you feel the taste needs sweetening! Look through the recipe here if you don’t know where to start with a dish like this.


Know What to Blend in Soup

Soup is wonderful when it’s a cold Wednesday night and all you’ve got in the cupboard are a couple of cans of three bean mixture. You don’t have the time or energy to nip out and get something better for dinner, so you’re left with two options: rack your brains for ages over what to do next, or simply whip up a soup. And there are quite a few soups out there: chicken noodle, spring vegetable, leek and potato, carrot and coriander, minestrone… the list goes on and on!

And it’s easy to make a soup of your own as well, even if you have no recipe on hand. If you’ve got some stock cubes in the cupboard, and you can boil some water, you’ve got the basics for a tasty soup that’s going to be hearty and healthy. If there’s more than enough for just you and you alone, you can always freeze some up, and thaw it out when you need something quick and easy again. You can add a bit of chicken once you do, to pack in some more proteins and flavor.


Know How to Prepare Any Meat

Meat is a big part of someone’s diet, even if they’re someone who avoids it. You’ve got to find substitutes for any recipe that calls for a bit of chicken or pork, and you’ve got to be sure any foods you do eat aren’t prepared next to meat products or have any meat products present in them. That’s a lot of work! So let’s make sure you know how to fry up a chicken leg or use the grill to whip up some wonderful grilled pork chops. The more you know how to pair heat with meat, the more moisture you’ll keep inside the food itself, and that’s a mark of a good chef!

If you’ve got a steak on hand, and you’re looking to get a well-done braise and plenty of flavor in the juices you’re left with afterward, make sure you know what kind of steak you’re working with and that you’ve got the right pan for it too. And then you’re going to want to learn how to sear the steak, to make sure the skin packs all the right flavor punches!

There’s a lot of recipes out there, so make sure you know which ones are most useful!


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