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They partnered with a company in 2006 with a sewing center in India – where they taught six women to sew pajamas called Punjammies®.  This is where the founder, Shannon Keith, heard nightmarish stories of women being sold for sex and also heard that some women within families were considered high risk and would most likely be sold into sex slavery due to not having an education and the resources to learn any trades, so either the girls would be sold or pimps would pick them up off the streets.

Shannon knew she had to do something about this crisis in India, so she got a group of friends and family together to look for groups in India and wanted a positive life outcome – which would give these women, freedom and a safe passageway to life, including a steady income to help support their family.

And just like that, hundreds of women have gained freedom and security

It’s sometimes hard to believe that over 10 years have passed since we first began. In that time, we’ve made multiple sewing center partnerships and, with your support, hundreds of women have found freedom through living-wage employment. Many of the women have graduated from the training programs and started their own tailoring business; others have taken technology or cosmetology courses (also offered at some of the centers) and found great jobs in those fields.

Even though there is still sex slavery out there, the Sudara Freedom Fund.  The Sudara Freedom Fund allows them to have a greater impact on women and children in India.  This funding helps families with education, housing, and microloans, to create a sustainable life for the families in need.

I have to say, I absolutely love collaborating with women empowerment businesses.  As a woman, myself, it’s not very difficult to NOT turn the other cheek.  You see women empowerment all over the place in the USA, why not have it in some 3rd world countries?!  It’s a great thing to have – it’s such a humbling experience to help other women straighten their crown and empower them!

The outfit I choose is something I wanted and something that was empowering!

Of course, no woman can go without a great pair of black leggings, right?!  The Suna – Black over the heel long leggings were a perfect choice!  Especially during the colder months, these are perfect for layering!  And not to mention OVER THE HEEL!!  I am short (so the leggings to take up basically my whole foot – I love it), but these are great for taller women as well!  Guess what?  The leggings are also compression leggings!  Say what – compression leggings you ask?  I know you are probably thing – TIGHT leggings.  Nope, not at all.  So, most leggings I have tried that were compression like were super tight at my belly button and became super uncomfortable throughout the day.  Not these, girls!  They are tight where they need to be tight, and never tight in your belly area!

The second item I choose because it is very inspiring!  Hence the word on the shirt is “Inspire“.  I live my life as humbly as possible, of course, we all have our bad days, as we are only humans.  I hope to inspire other people with kindness, either by a smile, a thank you, complimenting them, etc – in hopes that person will spread that kindness as well, to make a snowball effect.  The Inspire long sleeve top is a hand drawn design, which was kindly donated to Sudara by artist Leah Rich.  I love this shirt, it is so comfy and flowy.  I absolutely love the design because the arms are tighter than the rest of the body, which puts off a unique look all on its own.

Do you have an empowering story you would like to share?  Let me know if the comments below, let’s start a conversation!

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