The Perfect BBQ

With winter winding down, it’s time to think about the activities that make spring and summer exciting. A BBQ is an incredible way to enjoy great food and drink in the company of the people you love the most. And, the sunshine only adds to the experience.

What you want is a perfect BBQ, one that makes the other attempts seem amateurish. While the produce is important, there are a lot more bases to cover than you may realize. As spring is fast approaching, it’s wise to think ahead t avoid any nasty surprises the next time you uncover the grill.

Here are the tips that will help.

Prep The Food

You can’t put a steak on the grill and hope it turns out to be the best one you’ve tasted. Like world-class chefs, it’s important to prepare the ingredients to ensure the quality is high. With vegetables and side dishes, there isn’t much to it as they compliment the main event. However, concerning the meat, it’s vital that you marinate it and leave it to soak up the juices before letting it sizzle. You can do this on the day but the best results happen when it’s been marinating for as long as possible. So, try and do it the day before and leave it in the fridge.

Avoid The Chill

Because the meat is sitting in the fridge, it’s going to be cold. Duh! The problem with this is that it impairs the cooking process. Chilled food tends to brown on the outside without cooking in the middle. What you are left with is a burnt piece of chicken that’s inedible because it’s pink on the inside. To avoid this, take everything that’s going on the grill out of the fridge thirty minutes prior. Meat at room temperature browns on the outside and gently cooks through leaving you with an incredible smoky flavor.

Keep It Clean

Although you want the textures and tastes of a barbeque, there is nothing worse than a dirty grill. For one thing, it looks unappetizing and no one will want to try the food. Secondly, an unclean BBQ carries lots of bacteria that can cause food poisoning. Elbow grease is crucial after every use to stop the build-up of grime, and so are gas grill covers. An uncovered BBQ will collect dirt and debris and it takes extra effort to keep clean. As well as a cover, keep it stored in a dry place too.

Mix Up Your Cooking Methods

How you cook the meat will impact the taste. The direct style is the most popular and perfect for regular cuts of meat such as burgers and sausages. But, if there is something bigger, it requires a subtler touch. Indirect barbequing is the answer, and you perfect it by searing the joint and then separating the coals into two piles. Place the meat in the middle of the grill and let the heat cook it as if it’s in the oven.

Once it’s finished slowly roasting, you’ll have a tender cut that is full of BBQ flavors.

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